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I Got Dick in Mouth Disease and I Don't Want to Be Cured!

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This Week in EbonyXXXLinks...
Da bomb! The Dominican Republic was DA BOMB! I had such a lovely ass time! I got massages on the beach, got my toes sucked, ate all the delicious foods and toured the country side. I was the only lil black person on the resort and the men were all over me! And when you tell them you are from Chicago, they all say "Ahhh Sammy Sosa!" So that was another plus! It was a nice week of relaxing! Didn't scan my tit pics yet! My next trip is Vegas! I hope yall show up for the porn convention there! It's gonna be off the hook. For more info, check out IA2000

Here are the results of last week's poll! The question was:
"Have you ever had your salad tossed?"
Yes - 57.41%
No - 42.69%

Yall nasty! If a man try to toss my salad, I'm just gonna fart dead in his face. I just hope when you get your assholes licked, she don't turn around and try to kiss you. Breath all smelling like shit! HA!

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